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Friday, July 13, 2012

Corrections and Super-Secret Stuff!

So apparently, I need to hire a fact-checker, since my last post was rife with mistakes!  As my sister pointed out, one fills in a W4 when one becomes gainfully employed, not a W2.  Obviously, she is the "numbers genius" sibling, whereas I am the "call Mom crying, 'What do I do with this again?  God damn it, I'm an English Major, not a doctor!' " sibling.  Thanks, Shay Shay!

Also, my boyfriend wanted me to clear up that he never made Eagle Scout.  You probably didn't know that the Boy Scouts of America have some pretty strict rules about your idiot girlfriend misrepresenting your rank on the Internet, and I didn't want him to be threatened with disciplinary action.*  Robert did Scout for many years, though, and he told me his official rank, but I've forgotten it.

Finally, a note.  I have been going through my Google Documents and posting some older posts from previous websites to this blog.**  You would not have noticed this, because I have been backdating the entries so a bunch of old re-runs didn't clutter up the homepage.  The only way you really would have been able to tell was by looking at the tag cloud and noticing that it has expanded somewhat.  Maybe someday I will collect all the links so you can peruse older entries with ease, but for right now, I'm just too goddamn lazy.  Go tag-surfing, if you're interested.  Live a little.

*Seriously.  They have their own SWAT team.  It is serious business.
**God, I hate the word blog.  Can we replace it with something that doesn't sound like a misshapen, sea-dwelling slug?

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