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Sunday, June 26, 2011

And Now Down To Business

Dear Everyone,

The previous post is both a true story and completely irrelevant to anything I will henceforth have to say on this little corner of the Internet.  Sorry about that.  Maybe some famous-corpse-related things will happen to me and then I can amend that statement, but for now, you're stuck with the melodramatic minutiae* of my daily life.

In case I haven't found you in person and told you as much, I created this bloggy blog as a way to keep in touch with the myriad people in my life whom I love for one reason or another, because in exactly 13 days, I will be relocating from my 21-year hometown to Oneonta, NY.  It's nice town that I have visited for about 12 hours, but I don't know a soul there except for my suspiciously nice new boss and my possibly drug-addled new landlady.  Despite all odds, I have managed, over the years, to make a lot of friends in my hometown.  Some of you are family, some of you are co-workers, some of you are theater buddies, and some of you, well, fuck, I don't know where I picked you up, but I like you just the same.

It was with that sentiment in mind that I decided to use this space to post letters, thoughts, and (let's face the inevitable here) violent bursts of rage and frustration; hopefully this will help me adjust to my new situation and cope with all this little college town can throw at me.

So, it's Sunday night, and here's the breakdown:

Keepysakes, photos, & memories: packed
DVDs, CDs, & video games: packed
Books: packed
Non-essential clothes: packed
Non-essential shoes: packed
Non-essential toiletries: packed
Clothes hangers: packed
Blankets and winter stuff: packed
Boxes used: 15, plus one laundry basket, and one Rubbermaid big enough to hide your Grandma's body while you collect her pension checks.
Days before Moving Day: 13
Panic level: Hallucinating hamster
Overall status: out of boxes a-fucking-gain!

And that, ladies & gentlemen, is our show.

*Seriously, minutiae?  HARD TO SPELL.
**And then unpacked, and then repacked, because I found out I had to go to a formal event and could not wear my scrubs and Nightmare Before Christmas slippers.

Thursday, June 23, 2011